Horse Care

Farrier Care

Hoof care is typically every 6-8 weeks, and is the responsibility of the boarder.
A farrier horse holding fee applies to any owner who needs to have a horse held during the shoeing process. $10 per hold per horse.

Additional Services

Our property manager and instructors also offer additional services to help care for your horse. These include: clipping, mane or tail head pulling, tail banging, hand walking, lounging, exercising, holding for additional veterinary needs, grooming, bathing, tacking or untacking, trailering, cleaning tack and pulling up for boarder horses. A complete list and fee schedule is available at the property.

Veterinarian Care

Scenic City Equestrian Center schedules routine veterinarian care twice a year. Vaccinations and coggins testing are required at these times for all boarders.

  • Spring Vaccinations include Rhino and Flu, West Nile Virus,  Rabies/tetanus, VEWT (Venezuelan, Eastern and Western encephalitis), Strangles, Potomac Horse Fever
  • Dental cleaning yearly
  • Coggins Testing   
  • Deworming
  • Fall Vaccines: VEWT/WNV/Rhino and Flu, Botulism
We use the following veterinarian, although we allow boarders to use the veterinarian of their choice:
  • Crossroads Equine Veterinary Services: Dr. Michael White, 423-883-1426