Traci Piper

Traci Piper
Property Manager

Traci serves as the Property Manager and, along with her family, is accountable for providing excellent care of our clients, horses, grounds management and general maintenance.

From the moment Traci remembers, she has been in love with the freedom a horse gives a soul. Her first pony, Brown Sugar-a saucy Shetland, taught her to respect these amazing animals through many “lessons” and rides. She was hooked. Trail riding, pony club, dressage, western pleasure and volunteering on rescues solidified her love for horses.

Riding, owning and caring for horses has been laced through her life’s tapestry along with homeschooling and farm-raising her family and teaching them how to be “horse-broke” instead of “kid-breaking” these majestic animals.

Along with a personal farm and horse ministry through her church, she has worked on horse farms in Minnesota, Kansas and Tennessee. She also attended a rescue and rehabilitation training in Bend, Oregon which broadened her view of how horses can be seen and used to help those who can’t help themselves.

Traci, her husband, Greg and their clan moved from Minnesota after working on a 170-head goat milking farm in Oct of 2016. They joined Phoenix Farms following a dream to be part of a family friendly, horse loving community and want to call this home for the foreseeable future.