Barn Manager/ Instructor

Janet was born into a horse-loving, horse-training family as her father, who is a veterinarian and former horse trainer, ran a breeding operation on their family farm for many years. Janet began learning to ride, train, and handle horses from a very early age. She competed in western pleasure and barrel racing when she was young. She has also spent many years cutting trails and riding all over the world. She competes in ranch classes now as a hobby. She has and continues to study under top horse trainers and pursue never-ending self improvement. 

She still trains horses and is partnered with her father in the rebirth of their breeding business. She is pursuing certification in equine therapy that is tailored for those with PTSD and anxiety issues. She also gives lessons and loves teaching people how to help themselves and their horses be the best they can be. She teaches as she was taught, with a strong emphasis on horsemanship and equine psychology from a horse trainers perspective. She is looking forward to having fun new adventures as a new part of the Scenic City team.